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Historian Contact Info

Zack Yoder

Town Historian

10569 Alleghany Road
Darien Center, New York 14040

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By appointment only


The history of the Town of Darien was updated for the Terquasquicentennial celebration in 2007; and is for all those interested in how Darien has progressed and prospered over the last 175 plus years. Darien is a small community with good local government, modern improvements and fine highways. Its religious heritage has been sustained over the years, as evidenced by three early churches still in existence. The history book is a tribute to all residents, elected and appointed officials, and early settlers who, over the years, have given many hours of their time to help make Darien the town that it is today..

In 1803, Orange Carter arrived from Vermont to become the town’s first permanent resident in the southern part of town. Early settlers followed rapidly. Stephen Parker kept the first inn, in 1808, in Darien City. Amos Humphrey started the first saw mill in 1809 on Eleven Mile Creek in Darien. Stephen King opened the first store at Darien Center in 1815, giving the name King’s Corners to the Settlement. Until 1832, the area that is now the Town of Darien was the southern part of the Town of Pembroke and often referred to as South Pembroke. By an Act of the State Legislature, dated February 10, 1832, Darien was established as a separate township. The first annual town meeting was held April 3, 1832 at the tavern of Stephen King. Two major streams with countless tributaries flow across town. Eleven Mile Creek was so named because it crossed the old Buffalo Road eleven miles from Buffalo, as tradition has it. In 1861, Murder Creek was moved 16 rods east during the building of the road. A culvert built of flat stones forming an arch was then added. Two versions of how the Creek got its name are widely accepted. The population of the Town of Darien in 1840 was 2406; in 1870 Darien was the smallest with a population of 2054; and in the 2000 Census Darien’s population was 3061. And soon we will know how our population has changed again, although, Darien will always be Just Right. For more on the history of Darien, a history book can be purchased from the Town Clerk for $5.00.

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Town Hall

10569 Alleghany Road
Darien Center, NY 14040